源頭頒佈旨令——實驗終結(by Esu)[10月5日2010年]

源頭頒佈旨令——實驗終結(by Esu)[10月5日2010年]

Source has decreed the end of the experiment
源頭頒佈旨令——實驗終結(by Esu)
By Esu thru Adam
Oct 5, 2010 – 1:49:48 PM

Adam: Checking in. I have been sick for several days and feeling untethered, but I’m here now if there is any message.


Esu: You are still a bit “untethered” but that shouldn’t be a problem. Good evening, Adam.


You have read my message through a colleague of yours and I will confirm to you that it was correctly received. The dark ones have overplayed their hands and they will be summarily removed very soon. Though the public has not really awakened in the ways that we had hoped, there may be some lessons here that could be of value. Either way, time is short for all aspects of the old ways, socio-political, geological and spiritual.


You have perceived the wildly fluctuating energies, the intense changes in the way things are, on almost a daily basis – and incredibly you are all but used to it!


Your bodies and conscious minds are not really designed to stand up to these stresses, and one only as to monitor some of your news reports to see the repercussions. Still, most people persevere and go about their lives, battered and shaken though they may be, because there seems to be no real choice. We truly marvel at this! We begin to think some of you could nap on a roller coaster if you felt the need to do so.

Humanity was not intended to suffer so intensely or to change its environment so completely and quickly. To function in such near-complete separation from Essence was once thought by many to be impossible. In a way, “humanity on a prison world” has exceeded the parameters of the experiment and has been shown to be incredibly resilient and successful.


But – and this is a very significant qualifier – this success has been of a very twisted and dark sort. This success does not move toward the common good or toward a positive goal even for itself. Thriving in the dark leads to an unsupportable future, sowing the seeds of destruction within its own foundations. It is analogous to a cancer that runs rampant until it destroys its host, leaving itself also destroyed in the end.


This is the outcome of the Luciferian Rebellion; infinity becomes finite, harmony becomes discord, the dark overtakes the light, and death snuffs out life. This is the awakening that must eventually come to all of Creation: there can be nothing lasting that is separate from Spirit. There can be no existence that is not one with All That Is. Perfection and sustainability cannot arise from that which is imperfect and finite.


This is the “sin” of pride and its inevitable outcome.

Throughout all of existence the end results of the Rebellion are being cleaned up and the remaining aspects of the experiment closed down. Earth is not the only place that is being cleansed, you can be sure; though this world has been a featured player in the drama.


Source has decreed the end of the experiment and that all those beings and entities who wish it may have salvation; that all who ask will be granted grace and mercy. In this manner the experiences and motivations and energies of the Rebellion may remain a part of Source, an eternal reminder and lesson of the results of the “sin of pride,” that this drama need not be repeated.


Salvation may be had for the asking, though understanding and penance may require more work and dedication for some. Those beings who stubbornly refused the Light may find their road back to be long and hard, but this too is their choice! Understand that which lies before them is not a punishment but necessary preparation to rejoin the Light. Any dark on who calls to the Light in true humility and understanding may return to it instantly! The long term ahead in void and darkness, stripped of distractions and petty pleasures is a result of stubborn refusal to move back to harmony. For some it will be that long, hard road. For a few it may be comparatively nothing at all.


Source does not wish to inflict further suffering; we create our own suffering and this is especially true in the spiritual, non-physical realms.


Those servants of the dark who read these words should consider them carefully. Those who do not serve the dark should do likewise.


Good night.晚安